Friday, March 02, 2014

Our Small is BIG Philosophy

We've long been passionate believers in micro cap and small cap investing. And now, more than ever, we feel it's the best place to make massive gains. Why?

Because, quite simply, small is the new big.

Think about it: Big used to be safe for investors.

Big meant efficient manufacturing and distribution, abundant R&D resources and generous marketing budgets. Big meant that investors could unquestionably trust the information disclosed to them. After all, big is audited and directed by an army of "under oath" professionals from other big firms.

For a time, many large cap companies were considered too big to fail. But times change. Unfortunately, big has failed.

Citibank, GM, AIG, Northern Telecom, Enron—the list goes on. Ironically, even the once-mighty Wall Street financial companies that for years promoted "big is good" to unwary investors, sold it to them hook, line and sinker, have also failed.

It's time to give small cap companies a chance.

Here are three great reasons to place your investment dollars in micro cap and small cap companies:

  1. Small has learned from and won't repeat the mistakes of fat, wasteful companies.
  2. Small firms with big ideas disrupt markets and create new industries.
  3. Small is agile and offers potential for huge profits.

Micro cap and small cap companies are structured for growth. Incredible growth.
Take, for example. Here's a company that in just a few short years has crushed the multi-billion-dollar newspaper classifieds business and is now managing revenues of $100 million—with only 30 employees.

Small is the new big. Believe it!

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